When do I need translation of documents?

Generally, translation of documents is needed when you are sending them to a country whose official language/s is/are different than the one of the document. For example, when applying for education or work abroad, certifying your social, family, work, healh and property status, nationality, education degree, or when travelling to a respective country requiring specific documents.

What does "official translation" mean?

This is a translation of a document, done by a certified translator, who is registered with an authorized translation agency. Such translation must bear the signature of the translator, as well as the logotype and seal of the translation agency. Official translation can be performed of a private or public document.

What does "certified translation" mean?

This is an official translation, which bears the stamp of the Consulate Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. Certified translation can only be done of an original document or a certified true copy, previously provided with the necessary signature/s, seal/s and stamp/s.

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